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When traditional counselling is not your thing, you could try walk and talk therapy

I am now trained to offer walk and talk therapy after initial online sessions.

What is walk and talk therapy?

It is an hour-long therapy session at an agreed location where we can walk safely together and can talk confidentially.

The distance and pace we walk is agreed together but it can be slow, meandering walk or brisk walk, whichever suits you as a client best.

Walk and talk therapy does not need to be continuously talking. We can walk together and just enjoy the surroundings. We can even sit down on a bench every now and then. You as a client decide the pace.

What benefits there are with walk and talk therapy?

Any type of exercise, including a slow walk, makes our body produce healthy endorphins, the happy hormones. When walking in a calming, natural environment, it can give an additional comforting feeling and make it easier to relax and maybe make it easier to talk more openly.

Walk and talk therapy can support you to find gentle exercise as way of relaxing on your own as well.

The study carried out by MIND, couple years ago, showed how walking it the countryside could help to reduce anxiety and depression. The survey showed that 71% of respondents felt decreased depressive feelings and less tense after a “green walk”. Similarly, 90% felt that their self-esteem increased after a walk in the countryside or park.

Is walk and talk therapy for me?

As walk and talk therapy is offered only after initial online sessions, it gives us an opportunity to discuss together whether walk and talk therapy is suitable for you, and what your expectations and maybe concerns are.

Walk and talk is suitable for all ages.

I truly believe and I have experienced myself how being in the nature is good for us, whether we are struggling or not. I believe that walk and talk therapy offers an alternative for those who might feel “traditional” counselling is not suitable for them. – Contact to enquire more.

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