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Talking about what is troubling you can be the start of releasing deep rooted feelings that have been suppressed for a long time.  It can be daunting to take those first steps whether counselling is for you or you as a couple or mother/daughter relationship.


With my own experiences​, I know, it can sometimes become too much to cope with on our own. The way we feel and behave may impact us, our relationships at home or at work. We may feel anxious, stressed, emotionally tired, sensitive or depressed. Sometimes we just need to be heard and feel valued for who we are.  

We all need someone whom we can share confidentially how we really feel, without any judgement.

This is important at couples counselling or any relationship counselling too. I am there to listen both of you and work in a solution driven way to support your relationship.

Counselling can help you to make sense of different feelings and emotions.

It can support you to find a way of understanding and dealing with difficult experiences past and present. It can help you to make sense of who you are. 



Counselling is a safe, secure and confidential place where I support you at your own pace to explore and find a way to overcome whatever has been troubling you.

Some of the issues I work with are:

  • Anxiety

  • Bereavement

  • Bullying

  • Career counselling

  • Childhood experiences

  • Chronic fatigue/ME

  • Couples - solution driven

  • Depression

  • Illness

  • Depression

  • Low self esteem, self confidence

  • Mother/daughter relationships

  • Relationship issues

  • Social anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Work related stress

And many more... 

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