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Calming your anxious thoughts

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Anxious thoughts come fast and feel uncontrollable. It can feel very scary to be with those thoughts combined with strong, uncontrollable bodily reactions.

You may feel that you do not know yourself anymore. You have no control of your reactions.

As a counsellor, talking about what anxiety feels like with each of my client is important. Anxiety is common, anxiety is part of our day to day lives, but anxiety has a different meaning, different content, different feeling to each individual.

It is important to find the root cause for the anxiety and it can be explored once those scary bodily reactions are slowed down, and normalized. Once a client knows what feelings, emotions and reactions are included in his/her anxiety. When we can try to connect with our anxiety.

Five senses practice is something what you can do anywhere to calm your anxious thoughts.

Would you have time for a walk today, even for a short one, even around the house?

You could start your walk by listening your own footsteps and breathing in with count of 5 (so that your tummy moves too) and breathing out with count of 7. Repeat this 2-3 times.

Then look around, what 5 objects, things you can see. Is it the spring flowers, muddy puddle, a car driving past or something else.

What about objects you can touch, can you find 4 different things to touch. What does your skin feels like, the jumper or jacket you are wearing, or a tree trunk, your feet on the solid ground.

What can you hear other than your own footsteps, are there 2 other sounds near by. Birds, traffic, people talking, your own breathing.

What about smell, maybe your favorite perfume/aftershave, can it even be spring which you can smell. Can you smell two different things around you.

Last but not the least, is sense of taste. What does your favorite food tastes like, or a drink.

Once you have done all this, how do you feel now?

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