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Doing what is right for me at Christmas

All things Christmassy are everywhere now. There are some who love every moment of this time of the year, and some who are getting increasingly anxious, worried and stressed the nearer Christmas gets.

You might be struggling this year for the first time, or Christmas has been a difficult time of the year for you already for a while.

There can be several reasons why Christmas is not a happy time. It can be difficult to share these thoughts when you feel the pressure to enjoy and be joyful.

Christmas might not feel the same again without your loved one. You might not have anyone to share your Christmas with this year, or you can feel lonely even if you are around with your family and friends.

Christmas can bring back unpleasant, difficult memories. It can create a strain on your relationship with your loved ones, your extended family, and even with friends or work colleagues. The anxiety of spending time with people that you do not normally have to socialize with at Christmas, meals at busy restaurants, drinking at work parties and pressure to spend more money you can afford.

Think about what might be those situations, things which can feel more difficult for you to cope with during this festive season. What could help you to cope better. Be honest with yourself and prioritize your own feelings. Writing down your thoughts can help with this. It can support you to set your own boundaries, how to say “no” to those parts of festive season which you are not comfortable with in taking part.

Although it can take courage to share your thoughts with others, telling your family and friends if you are struggling is very important.

And if you love Christmas time, be considerate to others. Let them know that you understand. Let them know that they are not alone. Let them have Christmas, festive season which feels right for them.

If you would like to find out more about coping tools or talk confidentially you can contact me at:

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